Thursday, July 22, 2010

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Thank you for visiting. This site is dedicated to supporting College Mixte de l'Experience, Port au Prince, Haiti.

Haiti received a lot of attention this spring after the earthquake. We all remember the shocking photos of devastation, of poverty and of suffering. To see a photo gallery of the aftermath of the earthquake, click here.

Now, months later, Haiti has fallen out of the headlines, but, on the ground, little has changed. Rubble and trash still litter the streets. The wreckage of collapsed structures lie everywhere. Thousands live in camps with nowhere to go. Rebuilding has barely begun.

The outpouring of support offered by the citizens and governments of the world has done little to ease the suffering of the people of this stricken island. Due to a variety of challenges, it is very difficult for this money to reach where it is most needed, on the ground and in the hands of Haitians.

Now, you have the opportunity to give support directly to the people of Haiti through the Blue Tarp School. To find out more about the school, follow the links on this page. To find out about opportunities for giving and to support the work of the Blue Tarp School, contact Wadson Michel at

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